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nature's palette

an instructional dvd

with Trish McKinney



  • Description - Discover the wonder and beauty of Nature's Palette through playful experimentation with pouring acrylic and watercolors and incorporating elements of nature such as leaves, grass, twigs and plants. Artist Trish McKinney focuses on using elements of design and drawing to create a truly captivating piece of art. bring your imagination and your sense of adventure and leave your inhibitions behind. Expand nature's palette and learn mixed media techniques in a new and exciting way with Trish McKinney and the World of Art!

  • Artist - Trish McKinney

  • Media - Mixed-media

  • Skill Level - All skill levels

  • Length- 80 minutes

  • Technique- Watercolor, acrylics, leaves, sticks and grass



preview the trailer for the video

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