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The "Blessings" Collection

a collection of rebirthed art pieces with messages to uplift, bless, & inspire
the story....
A few years ago I began a series of original 5" x 5" canvases I call "Mini's".  Each canvas had a word to uplift, bless, and empower - ie, faith, love, joy, hope, etc... and a flower.  The canvases were cut from larger, rejected canvases I no longer loved and then I painted on top of these scraps and re-purposed them.  This gives the entire collection a feeling of re-birth - a great foundational theme.  These paintings have gone on to bless cancer patients, newly married couples, friends going through a tough time, or someone who wishes to brighten their day.   From these 5" x 5" "Minis" I created reproductions of some of the more popular original pieces - 10" x 10" printed on canvas - called "Blessings".  I then created "Mini Blessings" on artboard, cards created from old rejected paintings, and new to the collection - Eco-Printed Journals.  All of the pieces in the collection have the re-puposed/re-birth foundational theme and a message to uplift, bless, and inspire.
the items in this collection....


"Mini's" (the ones that started it all)

5" x 5" original mixed media paintings

on re-purposed canvas
- Each canvas is re-purposed from a larger rejected  mixed media

  painting lending a vitality and spontanity to each piece.

- Each painting has an image and a message to uplift, bless, and

  inspire - a perfect gift for someone you love and care about.











10" x 10" Canvas Giclee Reproductions/Prints
- Each canvas is individually "re-marked" by the artist herself, to recreate the look and feel of the original painting. 


- Reproductions are printed with archival inks and sealed to preserve the quality of the color.  

- Canvases are gallery wrapped on stretcher bars with a 3/4" depth - canvases look great unframed or can be framed easily if desired.

 - to purchase,  go to my online store

"Mini Blessings"

3" x 4" original boards with unique, uplifting messages of hope


- Each piece is created with acrylic inks using leaves and other

  textural elements to create interesting textural backgrounds

- Uplifting messages are collaged onto each surface


"Eco-Printed Blessing Journals"

handmade blank journals with unique, uplifting messages of inspiration


- Each journal is created with eco-printed pages. Eco-printing is a process using leaves, then boiling them to create amazing natural texture and color - these pages are completely natural with no re-touching!


- Journals are each hand-stitched by the artist.


- Inside each journal is an uplifting quote and a word to inspire and get you started.  The rest of the pages are blank to be filled with photos, messages, devotions, and drawings.  Blank pages are a thick, mixed media paper.

"Original Cards"

handmade cards with unique, uplifting words


- Each card is handmade and original with a special word on the front, hand-lettered by the artist.  Cards are blank inside.

"Poetry Ornaments"

handmade ornaments with unique, uplifting words


- Each ornament is handmade and original with many special words on both sides  - cut from an old thesaurus and collaged onto the surface of the ornament by the artist. 

- Each ornament has a theme - ie, beauty, worship, create, etc... - and special meaning

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