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nature's bountytm

Nature's Bounty - Eco-Printing Fun!
using nature's bounty to print organic color & texture
with instructor Trish McKinney
contact Trish if you are interested in this class for your art organization

Open The Gift Of Eco-Printing!

What can be more intoxicating as a creative person than to be surprised by amazing color and experimenting with something new?!  Discovering the process of eco-printing is like opening a gift every time a new print is revealed!  Eco-printing is a process using plants, flowers, and other natural materials to create amazing colorful prints on paper or fabric.  Through a process of steaming or emersion, the natural tannins in plants are printed onto the paper or fabric through pressure and contact.  This produces a wide range of colors with a never-ending surprise of results – just like opening a gift!  No artistic experience is necessary to take this class – just a willingness to experiment and have fun with nature!

Learn the exciting process of eco-printing with instructor Trish McKinney by using nature's bounty to print organic color & texture onto paper or fabric - using leaves, flowers & other materials. 
Students can can have the choice of creating simple, handmade journals with the beautiful pages they have printed, learn how to collage sheets onto substrates, and/or create luscious scarves when printing on fabric. 
The best part? No artistic experience is necessary - just a willingness to play & experiment!

April 2018....

EcoPrinting Workshop

Dates: April 16 & 17

location: Ann Arbor, MI

contact: Debra Zamperla

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