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Ireland 2021

join me for an adventure.....
to become one with the road . the journey . the experience.
"instructions for living a attention. be astonished. now tell about it." mary oliver
an art experience workshop on the coast of ireland

NEW dates: August 22 - 29, 2021
Location: Essence Of Mulranny [EOM] Studios
Mulranny, Ireland - a small seaside village on Clew Bay in Co. Mayo
Contact: Lora Murphy for all inquires
Price: $2995 USD for a Private Bedroom/Shared Bathroom
          $3450 USD for a Private Bedroom & Bathroom
($500 non refudable deposit will secure your place)

more info  (be sure to scroll down to see all of the amenities


About The Workshop...

Pay Attention....we will be reminded to be still.  smell the air.  feel the moment. see.

Be Astonished....we will dance with all this beauty with our paintbrushes - stopping and saying to ourselves -  “wow - would you look at that!”

Tell About It....we will capture all our experiences in a watercolor travel journal.  A journal we create with our own hands. And this journal will shout to the world - “I was here! Truly here.”


In the studio Trish will also demonstrate and instruct how she takes a moment from her travel journal and creates a larger watercolor painting - how she completes the circle of the journey - sharing the experience with another - telling her story.

At the end of this journey we will all be transformed - seeing everything - differently - coming into being - growing...


Expect To Experience…

 …you will experience the very essence of Ireland – a place of ancient, mystical beauty – a place you can imagine anything might be possible…

…you will experience glorious color!

you will experience taking time to be aware & to listen…

you will experience the most amazing culinary delights!

and you will capture all of these experiences plein air watercolor sketching in a travel journal and then developing a full size painting – something you will cherish more than taking photos.

Trish painting on the edge of the cliffs on Aran Island, off the coast of Ireland

1- TravelSketch_Cliffs_Of_Mohr_1.JPG

More About The Class…

Trish believes in the philosophy of savoring the essence of each new destination through creativity. She delights in sharing how she soaks in each new experience by perfecting the fine art of seeing through painting. 


On this magical journey to the land of fairies - students will learn how to create a very simple handmade watercolor journal.  They will  paint plein air in these journals by exploring the ancient, mystical beauty of the local countryside – by learning Trish’s unique, quick and simple technique for watercolor sketching.  


Students will also have studio time to develop a full size watercolor painting from one of their sketches. 

  There will be a perfect balance of free time to explore the towns and countryside on your own and time to create and learn.  There will be painting and sketching, much laughter, creative inspiration, and adventures – it is always an adventure when traveling with Trish! 


Trish McKinney is a GOLDEN Artist Educator, so QoR watercolor paint palettes will be provided for students to use during class, for those who do not wish to bring their own paint.  Trish will also supply brushes in addition to many other materials.   All of this will be done so that when traveling, your load will be light and your worries will be small!  

<--Siena Market Day Stroll  - inspired from one of Trish's sketches from her first trip to Italy.

some of Trish's sketches from previous travels....

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